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Binz is a picturesque city in Germany that boasts stunning beaches. Binz Beach features fine, white sand and is inclusive with facilities for individuals with disabilities. Mukran Beach offers a peaceful ambiance, enveloped by a lush, verdant forest landscape. Prora Beach boasts a long sandy expanse that is both family and pet-friendly, with the added attraction of the colossal building complex, The Colossus of Prora. Our complete list of beaches in Binz, Germany can be found below.
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Binz is a picturesque beach situated in the eponymous city in Germany. It is a sandy expanse with fine, white ...

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Mukran Beach, situated on the picturesque Rügen Island in proximity to the German city of Binz, offers a breat...

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Prora, located on the island of Rügen, near the town of Binz in Germany, boasts a long sandy beach that is bot...

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The best time to visit Binz in Germany is during the summer months, typically from June to August. With warm temperatures and pleasant sea breezes, it is the perfect time to hit the beach, take a swim in the sea, and enjoy various outdoor activities. There are also plenty of opportunities for hiking and exploring the coastline, with a range of stunning views and natural landmarks to discover. Just be sure to pack light and comfortable clothing and bring plenty of sunscreen, as the temperatures can get quite hot at times. Overall, the summer season is ideal for a relaxing and enjoyable trip to this charming German seaside town.

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