Bali, Indonesia

Blue Point

Blue Point beach is a beautiful beach located in Bali, Indonesia. The entrance to this white sandy beach is through the gap of narrow cliffs. This location is the reason for the name “Suluban” given by the locals which in Balinese means “in bali have to stoop to walk through a gap in the cliff”. There are many interesting attractions near the beach area such as the temple of Uluwatu. This is the nearest place to see the sun setting on the sea so you can enjoy lovely scenery during the night. The beach has many restaurants overlooking the waves of magnificent blue water. The music from the beach bars and glass of soft drinks which complete the relaxing atmosphere of Blue Point.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach offers a beautiful view and is perfect for surfing, with many surfers in the area. However, getting down to the beach requires taking many stairs and can be tiring. Visitors complain about the crowded and touristy atmosphere, high tide, and difficulty finding a good spot to sit.

Where is Blue Point?

Latitude: -8.8151747 / Longitude: 115.0885118

Blue Point is located in Bali. The following map of Blue Point shows the exact location.

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