Faro District, Portugal

Praia da Boca do Rio

Praia da Boca do Rio is a small, quiet beach located where a river meets the sea. The beach is characterized by its natural beauty and historical significance. It is surrounded by walking trails that offer great views and lead to the ruins of a fort dating back to 1642. The beach itself is home to some very old buildings that are believed to be Roman, although there is no official information available. The beach's natural characteristics change with the tides. During low tide, a lot of rocks are exposed, so caution is advised when entering the water. However, in recent times, the entrance to the water has been sandy and pleasant, making it suitable for families. Amenities at Praia da Boca do Rio include a food and drink van that sells a variety of items. However, visitors should be aware that the beach is unsupervised and there are often dogs present. Parking is available right next to the beach and is of good quality and plentiful. Despite its many attractions, Praia da Boca do Rio remains a peaceful spot that is not overly crowded. The beach has also been the site of archaeological digs, which have contributed to its clean-up and preservation. However, there have been issues with littering, particularly from caravans and campers.

What to do at Praia da Boca do Rio?


Praia da Boca do Rio amenities include parking.


One of the best restaurants near Praia da Boca do Rio is The Bay at Praia das Cabanas Velhas.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beach's tranquility and historical appeal, with its old buildings, archaeological digs, and walking trails offering great views. The beach is also appreciated for its ample parking and family-friendly environment. However, visitors complain about littering by caravan and camper users, and the presence of dogs leaving behind waste.

Where is Praia da Boca do Rio?

Latitude: 37.0662265 / Longitude: -8.8088118

Praia da Boca do Rio is located in Faro District. The following map of Praia da Boca do Rio shows the exact location.

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