Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Buzios Resort Town

Buzios Resort Town is a sprawling sandy shoreline located south of Rio de Janeiro's city centre in Brazil. The beach captured global attention when celebrated actress Brigitte Bardot spent her vacation there, resulting in the iconic waterfront promenade at Armação Beach being christened in her name. Adjacent to Buzios Beach Resort lies an impressive recreational hub comprising bowling alleys, skating rinks, trapeziums, and swimming pools, among many other attractions. The beach is a popular destination for anyone seeking a lively and engaging holiday ambiance.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is enormous and the rooms are spacious and clean, with friendly and helpful staff. Visitors enjoy the delicious and surprising buffet food, but complain about the cold, dirty, and uncared-for swimming pools. Some visitors suggest heating the pools and being more attentive to the upkeep of the resort.

Where is Buzios Resort Town?

Latitude: -22.7906292 / Longitude: -41.9260787

Buzios Resort Town is located in Rio de Janeiro. The following map of Buzios Resort Town shows the exact location.

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