Faro District, Portugal

Praia do Camilo

Praia do Camilo is a picturesque beach located in Portugal. It is known for its natural beauty, featuring crystal blue waters and a unique, breathtaking landscape. The beach is divided into two small sections, connected by a tunnel. The surrounding scenery is fantastic, with a viewpoint above the beach offering a panoramic view of the area. However, visitors should be aware of warning signs about falling rocks, as there is no protection from this natural hazard. Access to the beach is via a wooden staircase with more than 200 steps, which can be quite challenging for some visitors. Despite this, the beach is very popular and can get crowded, especially during peak times. Therefore, it is advisable to arrive early to secure a spot. There is a small amount of parking available at the top of the stairs, and a larger parking lot is located off of a nearby roundabout. The beach does not have many amenities. There are no showers or toilets nearby, and there are very few places to lie down. The beach is also full of seaweeds, which can sometimes make the water appear black and create an unpleasant smell, making it less suitable for swimming. Despite these challenges, Praia do Camilo remains a must-visit destination for its stunning natural beauty.

What to do at Praia do Camilo?


Praia do Camilo amenities include parking.


Best restaurants near Praia do Camilo include Snack Bar O Amigo, Restaurante Do Village, Nauticus Restaurante Bar, O Camilo, Cantinho do Petisco, Pinhão Restaurant and Bar and Restaurante O Brito.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the stunning scenery and unique landscape of the beach, with its crystal blue waters and the surrounding breathtaking views being the most appreciated features. The beach's tranquility and lack of overcrowding also add to its charm. However, visitors complain about the lack of facilities such as showers and toilets, the presence of seaweed and algae, and the potential danger from falling rocks.

Where is Praia do Camilo?

Latitude: 37.0873925 / Longitude: -8.6684868

Praia do Camilo is located in Faro District. The following map of Praia do Camilo shows the exact location.

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