Novalja, Pag Island, Lika-Senj County, Croatia


Caska Beach is situated to the east of Novalja on the picturesque island of Pag in Croatia. It is a significant cultural site due to the Roman city that is said to be submerged in the Adriatic Sea nearby. It is believed that this city was flooded in the 4th century, and many of its ruins remain along the coast. This makes Caska Beach an ideal location for both divers and history enthusiasts who can explore the ancient remnants. However, visitors should note that the sea depth increases dramatically in this area, necessitating extra caution when vacationing with children. The beach is easily accessible by car, offering approximately 50 parking spaces. Visitors can relax at the nearby bar with a drink or rent loungers and parasols to bask in the sun.

What to do at Caska?


Caska amenities include parking, toilet, Wi-Fi and loungers.


Best bars near Caska include Burra Beach House, ICE BAR Zrce Beach, Beach Garden Zrće, Corona Bar, Lace beach food BRAKFA and Zrče Novalja.


Best restaurants near Caska include Salt Sushi & Steak, Good Food ZRĆE restaurant, Tattva Pag and Beach Garden Zrće.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is ideal for families with small children due to its quieter atmosphere, clear waters, and medium to small gravel. Visitors complain about the lack of shade and additional activities on the beach. A few reviewers found the beach to be not very clean compared to other beaches on the island. Despite this, some visitors found the beach to be amazing and the three beach bars to be convenient, though it can get crowded in the afternoons with lots of families and children.

Where is Caska?

Latitude: 44.5481 / Longitude: 14.9156

Caska is located in Novalja. The following map of Caska shows the exact location.

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Where to Stay near Caska?

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