Pag Island, Lika-Senj County, Croatia

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Novalja is a town located on the island of Pag in Croatia. Pag is easily accessible by a bridge, and the drive from Zadar takes approximately 75 minutes.

One of the main attractions that make Novalja a popular tourist destination is the renowned beach known as Zrce. This beach has gained fame as one of the most popular party beaches in Europe, attracting young party-goers from around the world. Zrce is also home to some of the best clubs in the world, offering a vibrant and lively nightlife scene.

While Zrce is certainly a highlight, there are several other outstanding beaches in Novalja that are worth exploring. Gajac is a fantastic option for families, offering a family-friendly atmosphere and boasting astonishingly clean turquoise waters. The beach at Gajac provides a serene and peaceful environment for visitors to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

Another notable beach is Strasko, which is part of a camping complex. This beach caters to all the needs of visitors, with facilities such as showers, restaurants, and bars readily available. Strasko provides a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment, ensuring a memorable beach experience.

For those seeking a more urban beach setting, Lokunje is conveniently located in the town center of Novalja. Although it may be more crowded, this city beach offers convenience and accessibility, particularly for those recovering from a night out on Zrce. It's a great place to unwind and rejuvenate after enjoying the vibrant nightlife of Novalja.

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The best time to visit Novalja in Croatia is during the summer months from mid-June till August, when the weather is comfortably warm and perfect for outdoor activities. The average temperature during this period is ideal for swimming in the sea, sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful beaches that Novalja has to offer. The sea temperature is warm and inviting, making it a great place to relax and cool off. However, if you prefer less crowded places, September and October are also good to visit. The temperature is still warm enough to enjoy the beaches, but the crowds have dissipated. It is also a great time to try local cuisines and experience the culture with fewer tourists.

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