Sardinia, Italy


Arutas Beach is located on the western coast of Sardinia, specifically in the province of Cabras. With its sand and imposing rock formations, Arutas Beach is a quintessential beach destination in Sardinia that is perfect for families with children. Its unique quality lies in the composition of its sand, which are tiny quartz grains known as "grains of rice," coming in varying shades of white, green, and light pink. With modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, bars, restaurants, showers, toilets, and parking, visitors can enjoy their time at Arutas Beach comfortably.
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What to do at Arutas?


Arutas amenities include parking, toilet, Wi-Fi and shower.


Best bars near Arutas include Da Attilio Is Aruttas, Is Arutas beach and Chiosco Is Arutas.


One of the best restaurants near Arutas is Da Attilio Is Aruttas.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the picturesque view and beauty of the beach, with the sand made up of small quartz grains and interesting rock formations. Some visitors warn against taking sand from the beach and advise visiting during the week to avoid crowds. However, some reviewers mention that the beach can be very windy and the water can have big waves.

Where is Arutas?

Latitude: 39.9500394 / Longitude: 8.4027034

Arutas is located in Sardinia. The following map of Arutas shows the exact location.

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Where to Stay near Arutas?

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