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Italy, a country known for its rich history, diverse culture, and exquisite cuisine, is a must-visit destination for any avid traveler. Its coastline, adorned with a myriad of beautiful beaches, is a testament to the country's natural beauty. This article presents a selection of the best beaches in Italy, followed by a comprehensive guide that includes a list of all the noteworthy beaches in the country.

Some of the best beaches in the country include Lido di Jesolo, known for its crystal-clear water and dynamic nightlife, Bergeggi, a beach with a distinct shoreline and a lively atmosphere, Arutas, a family-friendly beach with unique 'grains of rice' sand, Cala Mariolu, a hidden gem with sparkling waters and excellent conditions for scuba diving, and Fiascherino, a beach that caters to families and offers recreational options like kayaking. Each of these beaches has its own unique features that make them stand out among the rest.

In our guide below, you will find more details on the beaches mentioned above, including a map of their locations. The guide also provides a longer, more extensive list of beaches in Italy, the best times to visit, and much more. We hope this guide will be a useful resource in planning your next beach vacation in Italy.

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Jesolo Beach, situated merely at a half-hour travel distance from Venice, is a highly sought-after coastal des...

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Situated in the Liguria region of Italy's Bergeggi province, Bergeggi beach boasts a distinct shoreline compos...

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Arutas Beach is located on the western coast of Sardinia, specifically in the province of Cabras. With its san...

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Cala Mariolu beach is a hidden gem located on the enchanting southeast coast of Sardinia in the town of Tortol...

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Fiascherino Beach, situated in the Italian province of Fiascherino, is nestled in the Liguria region. The beac...

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Mondello Beach is a popular tourist destination known for its clear, blue sea and beautiful location. The beac...

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La Spezia

The beach itself is mostly sandy, but there are also parts that are a mixture of pebble and gravel. On either ...

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Niasca Beach is a hidden gem located just a short distance from the popular tourist destination of Portofino. ...

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Paraggi Beach, located in close proximity to the charming village of Portofino on the stunning Ligurian Rivier...

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The beach of Porto Giunco is situated in the southeastern part of Sardinia near Villasimius town. This idyllic...

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San Fruttuoso Beach is a hidden treasure nestled in a secluded cove adjacent to the popular tourist destinatio...

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Situated in the central-western region of Sardinia lies San Giovanni di Sinis beach, nestled within the city o...

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Best Time to Visit Italy

The best time to visit Italy is the summer months of June through August. During these months, the weather is warm and sunny, perfect for spending time on the beach, exploring the cities, and enjoying outdoor activities. The Mediterranean Sea is also the warmest during these months, making it ideal for swimming and water sports. However, it's important to note that these months can also be quite crowded with tourists and prices can be higher. For those looking for a slightly quieter and more affordable time to visit, the shoulder seasons of May and September can also be great options, with slightly cooler temperatures but still plenty of sunshine. Overall, Italy has something to offer year-round, but the summer months are the prime time for outdoor fun and adventure.

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