Liguria, Italy


Fiascherino Beach, situated in the Italian province of Fiascherino, is nestled in the Liguria region. The beach is predominantly sandy in texture, but boasts large rocks and concrete slabs along its periphery. A slight rocky peninsula splits the shores of Fiascherino Beach into two parts. Visitors can enjoy kayaking as a recreational option, with rental kayaks readily available on the beach. Sun loungers and parasols are also available for rent, thus eliminating the burden of bringing your own. Further, the beach provides a host of amenities such as restrooms, showers, restaurants, and parking. Fiascherino Beach caters to families with young children, ensuring a fun-filled and safe experience.
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What to do at Fiascherino?


Fiascherino amenities include parking, toilet, shower and loungers.


Best bars near Fiascherino include Fiascherino spiaggia comunale con bar, Eco del Mare Night & Day beachclub, Beach Fiascherino 2, Bahia Café, Osteria la Caletta, Bar Restaurant Fiascherino SRL, Baraccone Bar and Bar La Marina.


Best restaurants near Fiascherino include Osteria la Caletta, Gambero Nero, Ristorante Il Fico, Ristorante Delfino, Ristorante L'Anciua, Osteria del polpo, Mare Blu bistrot and 1918 Ristorante - Pizza Gourmet.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach has clear water and gorgeous panoramic views, making it a beautiful location for a day out. However, some visitors complain about overcrowding, difficulty finding parking, and insufficient space to sit comfortably on the rocky beach.

Where is Fiascherino?

Latitude: 44.0638 / Longitude: 9.9244

Fiascherino is located in Liguria. The following map of Fiascherino shows the exact location.

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