Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande beach is situated on the island of the same name between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo in Brasil. This gorgeous sandy beach is a the area known as the Green Coast of Rio de Janeiro which got this name because it belongs to the rainforest Atlantic Forest – Mata Atlantica. This beautiful beach surrounded by rainforest vegetation offers a variety of activities such as hiking, boat trips, diving, snorkelling and ruins which tell stories of Ilha Grande. This natural paradise is a beloved place by tourists and locals.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the clear water and the view from the big rock as the most enjoyable aspects of the beach. However, some visitors complain about the overcrowding due to the limited space.

Where is Ilha Grande?

Latitude: -23.1743179 / Longitude: -44.1629671

Ilha Grande is located in Brasil. The following map of Ilha Grande shows the exact location.

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