Located in the village of the same name situated along the northeast coast of Brazil, the idyllic Jericoacoara beach derives its name from a local language, meaning "the lair of the turtle." Its long and complex title results in Portuguese speakers referring to it commonly as "Jeri." Though known for providing a serene setting for relaxation, visitors can also embark on an adventure to explore the nearby Lagoa do Paraíso, boasting an enchanting sandy shore. The lagoon stands as a small yet precious gem, deserving of a visit.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is a nice and quiet place with beautiful scenery. Visitors enjoy the peaceful atmosphere but some caution about jellyfish stings in the sea.

Where is Jericoacoara?

Latitude: -2.7949904 / Longitude: -40.5196918

Jericoacoara is located in Brasil. The following map of Jericoacoara shows the exact location.

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