Quintana Roo, Mexico

Isla De Los Pájaros

Isla De Los Pájaros, Bacalar, often referred to as Bird Island, is a picturesque natural haven located in the serene Bacalar Lagoon. The island is celebrated for its crystal clear and shallow waters, making it a preferred spot for water activities such as swimming and kayaking. However, it's important to note that the island itself is not open for visits, but exploring the surrounding waters is highly recommended. One of the striking features of Isla De Los Pájaros is its rich avian diversity. It serves as a habitat for a variety of bird species including parrots, owls, hawks, and calandrias. The sight of these birds flying in and out adds to the captivating charm of the island. However, the island has faced environmental challenges due to the excessive use of motorized boats, leading to pollution and disturbance to the bird habitats. To counteract this, both local residents of Bacalar and foreigners, along with alternative tourism service providers, have implemented measures to limit the proximity of boats to the island. In terms of amenities, there are nature-friendly services available for tourists. These services include sailboat and kayak tours which are provided without the use of motors to ensure the preservation of the ecosystem. During these tours, visitors are given the opportunity to observe the bird species up close using binoculars. To reach Isla De Los Pájaros, a variety of transport options are available for rent, including boats and catamarans. The journey to the island usually takes approximately 40 minutes. Despite its popularity among tourists, the island is not overly crowded, thanks to the emphasis on responsible tourism. Visitors are urged to maintain the cleanliness of the lagoon and its surroundings, and respect the designated boundaries to avoid disturbing the wildlife.

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Best restaurants near Isla De Los P├íjaros include Micheladas y calamatis, Chiringuito de Baraka, Ra├şz Bacalar and Desayunos y Pizza Tortuga..

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Visitor reviews highlight the pristine and shallow waters of the beach, with many praising its cleanliness and the beautiful landscape. The unique experience of seeing birds flying in and out of the nearby Isla de los Pajaros is also highly appreciated. However, some visitors express concern over the need for more protection of the area to prevent disturbance to the wildlife and maintain the beauty of the lagoon.

Where is Isla De Los Pájaros?

Latitude: 18.6551297 / Longitude: -88.3929813

Isla De Los Pájaros is located in Quintana Roo. The following map of Isla De Los Pájaros shows the exact location.

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