Jambiani is a beach situated in the southeast of Zanzibar, Tanzania. It is a serene and secluded location, ideal for those seeking respite from the hectic pace of urban life. However, visitors should be aware that the area lacks developed infrastructure. The beach spans a 2 km coastline and boasts pristine, powdery white sand. The ocean water is clean, clear, and warm, though it contains colonies of algae and sea creatures such as urchins, starfish, and crabs along the shore. It is advisable to wear rubber shoes during strong ebbs. The beach offers reasonably priced cafes, stores, and souvenir shops, and the village has a market and a post office. The best time to visit Jambiani is from July through March, with the rainy season occurring in April, May, and November. In February, temperatures can reach up to +38 degrees Celsius during the day, and the water temperature can rise to +30 degrees Celsius. For those seeking a peaceful and picturesque beach experience, Jambiani is the ideal destination.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beauty of the beach and friendly locals. Visitors enjoy walking on the beach during low tide and engaging in activities like diving and kiting. However, visitors complain about litter and sharp objects on the beach and the stark contrast between luxury resorts and poverty in the surrounding areas.

Where is Jambiani?

Latitude: -6.3208173 / Longitude: 39.5485543

Jambiani is located in Tanzania. The following map of Jambiani shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Jambiani?

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