Aegean, Greece


Kolimvithra is a beach located on the island of Tinos. It is often affected by wind, which can influence the swimming conditions. However, this raw, natural scene is appealing to many visitors. The beach is popular, especially among locals, and is known for its stylish mushroom-shaped umbrellas. Despite its popularity, it is never overcrowded, even on windy days when the waves are large and beautiful to watch. The beach features both public and private areas. The private area offers sunbeds and umbrellas for hire, providing some shade in an otherwise open sandy setting. There is also a beach bar that provides shelter from the wind, and is known for its great music and bohemian vibe. This spot is a favorite among both locals and international beach lovers, offering a great place to mingle. However, cleanliness can be an issue at Kolimvithra. After rainfall, plastic waste has been reported on the beach. Efforts to clean up the beach are often undertaken by visitors. Despite these challenges, Kolimvithra remains a unique and appealing destination on Tinos.

What to do at Kolimvithra?


Kolimvithra amenities include loungers.


You can enjoy a refreshing drink at one of the bars situated on the beach.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the natural beauty and bohemian vibe of the beach, with its open sand, stylish umbrellas, and great music. Many visitors appreciate the opportunity to mingle with locals and international beach lovers, and the beach's popularity among locals is also noted. However, complaints are made about the beach being often affected by wind and, more seriously, about it being extremely dirty, with plastic waste posing a threat to wildlife.

Where is Kolimvithra?

Latitude: 37.6299343 / Longitude: 25.1432402

Kolimvithra is located in Aegean. The following map of Kolimvithra shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Kolimvithra?

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