Kraljev Gaj

  • Gravel
  • Family friendly
  • Wild
  • Nudist

Kraljev Gaj is one of the wildest beaches of Makarska Rivijera in Croatia. Hidden among the dense forest and huge rocks, the beach itself is covered with gravel. The beach is optimal for family vacation with kids. It is usually nudist friendly, but not during the high season when it can be visited by different population. This beach can only be reached on foot or by boat. You can go by goat way from the direction of Tučepi where Hotel Jadran is. That way, you will need about 5 minutes as Hotel Jadran is 300 meters away. The beach has a lot of small secluded spots surrounded with high rocks and pine tree shade where you can access the water. So it's ideal for romantic couples who want to take shelter and be alone. The closest parking is at Hotel Jadran and it is paid around 7 euros a day but sometimes, it is hard to find a spot.


There are no known ammenities.


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