Mafia Island

Mafia Island, situated in Tanzania, is a well-liked destination for activities such as sports fishing, diving, and beach vacations. This island is recognized for its conserved wildlife and mostly unoccupied beaches that have underdeveloped infrastructure. Chole Bay, the most advanced and favored beach on the island, offers diving opportunities to witness numerous fish and coral species. There are several accommodation options available on the island, such as hotels, apartments, and lodges for travelers, and modes of transportation typically include walking, renting a jeep or utilizing dhow boats. Local places of interest include Kua ruins and perennial pools of coral rocks, and the island is also home to giant fruit-eating bats. The recommended time to visit Mafia Island is from July to March, with the rainy season occurring in April, May, and November, and high temperatures in February.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that Mafia Island Diving provides an excellent diving experience with friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff who make visitors feel like friends. The equipment is good quality, and the dive sites are great. Visitors love the spacious outdoor area and sunbed to relax after diving. However, some visitors complain about not being able to dive in the outer sites due to bad weather.

Where is Mafia Island?

Latitude: -7.9724157 / Longitude: 39.74919

Mafia Island is located in Tanzania. The following map of Mafia Island shows the exact location.

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