Mar De Ajo

Although not as widely recognized as Mar Del Plata, Mar de Ajo holds its own as being one of Argentina's frequently visited coastal towns. With its picturesque white sand beaches and plethora of exquisite eateries and bars, there is something for everyone to relish. Beach lovers can delight in a variety of water sports, predominantly surfing, while those who prefer staying on land can partake in the local pastime of Tejo.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is beautiful, well-maintained and spacious, with plenty of amenities and activities for all ages, including free equipment rentals and daily classes. Visitors appreciate the quiet and family-friendly atmosphere. However, some reviewers complain about the small size of the town center.

Where is Mar De Ajo?

Latitude: -36.7119284 / Longitude: -56.6751021

Mar De Ajo is located in Argentina. The following map of Mar De Ajo shows the exact location.

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