Quintana Roo, Mexico

Maya Chan Beach

Maya Chan Beach is a small beach resort located along the Mayan Coast, south of Mahahual. It is known for its enchanting beauty, flourishing with greenery and offering a captivating view of the Caribbean Sea. The beach is accessible via a 30-minute bus ride from a meeting point near a pyramid structure. The ride, though bumpy, offers a fun journey through Mahahual and along the coast. The beach is equipped with comfortable seating arrangements, including beach beds with canopies. Visitors are assigned specific spots on the beach upon arrival. The resort also offers various amenities such as Wi-Fi, kayaks, and paddle boards. Massages are also available for those seeking relaxation. The beach is known for its dedicated service, with staff frequently checking on visitors and promptly fulfilling their requests. Food and drinks are served on the beach, with lunch being prepared during the morning hours. The beach also offers interactive experiences such as guacamole preparation. One of the natural characteristics of the beach is the presence of seaweed (sargassum). The management is proactive in communicating about the seaweed situation and offers refunds to visitors if the seaweed is excessive. Despite this, the beach is well-maintained and the seaweed is managed effectively. Maya Chan Beach is a popular destination among cruise line passengers due to its flexibility with pickup and drop-off times. The cost of travel to the beach is included in the overall price. Despite its popularity, the beach maintains a relaxed and uncrowded atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful day by the sea.

What to do at Maya Chan Beach?


Maya Chan Beach amenities include loungers.


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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the relaxing atmosphere and excellent service at the beach resort. Many visitors appreciated the dedicated service, comfortable seating, and the availability of massages. However, some visitors complained about the excessive seaweed on the beach, although the management was proactive in addressing the issue.

Where is Maya Chan Beach?

Latitude: 18.6718378 / Longitude: -87.7239794

Maya Chan Beach is located in Quintana Roo. The following map of Maya Chan Beach shows the exact location.

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