Pag Island, Lika-Senj County, Croatia

Metajna Beaches

Metajna is located on Pag Island in Croatia, home to several unique beaches. Ručica beach is known for its breathtaking beauty and crystal blue waters. Beritnica Beach offers an exceptional connection with nature amidst towering rocks. Čista Beach, translating to 'pure' or 'clean', is known for its clear waters and charming waves. Zrce beach is a famous party destination, often called the Croatian Ibiza. Povljana Beach, also known as the Sandy Beach, is characterized by its unique sandy terrain. A complete list of beaches in Metajna can be found in our guide below.
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Top Beaches in Metajna

1km from Metajna center

If you choose to visit Ručica beach, you can arrive by car, boat, or on foot and witness its breathtaking beau...

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1.9km from Metajna center

Beritnica Beach offers an exceptional opportunity to connect with nature amidst towering rocks, offering awe-i...

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5.4km from Metajna center

Čista Beach is a sandy and pebble beach located approximately 5 kilometers away from the town of Novalja on th...

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8.6km from Metajna center

Zrce beach is one of the most famous European beaches. It is located 2km from the city of Novalja on the islan...

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18.6km from Metajna center

Povljana Beach, also known as the Sandy Beach, is a popular coastal destination situated in the town of Povlja...

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7.9km from Metajna center

Mandre Beach is a scenic coastal area located in the southern part of Pag Island, a popular tourist destinatio...

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2.4km from Metajna center

Plat beach, situated 1 km south of Zubovici village on the island of Pag in Croatia, is a picturesque sandy be...

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4.2km from Metajna center

Beach Sveti Duh Kolan, situated on the island of Pag in Croatia, is a picturesque sandy-pebble beach known for...

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8.8km from Metajna center

Caska Beach is situated to the east of Novalja on the picturesque island of Pag in Croatia. It is a significan...

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1.9km from Metajna center

Beach Orada is located in Zubovici, Croatia and is a popular destination for beach-goers. The beach is unique ...

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2.4km from Metajna center

Beach Dražica is located in Zubovici, Croatia and is made up of gravel and pebbles. The beach is known for its...

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6.2km from Metajna center

Prnjica Beach, also known as Plaža Prnjica, is a picturesque waterfront located on the island of Pag in Croati...

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The best time to visit Metajna in Pag Island in Croatia is during the summer months of June to August. With warm and sunny weather, this is the perfect time to enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and basking on the beautiful beaches. The average water temperature during this period is ideal for a refreshing dip and various water activities. Additionally, the long daylight hours allow for plenty of time to explore the stunning natural landscapes and indulge in outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the vibrant coastal atmosphere and savor the local cuisine during this peak tourist season.

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