Navagio Beach

      Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is found on the west coast of Zakynthos island – the southernmost of the Ionian Islands in Greece. The beach lies in an exposed cove that can only be reached by boat. Aside from the obvious shipwreck in the middle of the beach, it is also famous for its white sand and sapphire blue waters, which come from the sulphur from the nearby sea caves. The famous shipwreck has been there since 1980. Legends say it was a smuggling ship that got stuck in the sand, but the truth is not as exciting. The ship was reportedly stuck there due to mechanical failure and was looted as a result. All the loot was later recovered, and the captain was let off the smuggling charges. Please do not walk to the edges of cliffs to get better selfies because the rocks are crumbly, and cliff falls are common. Unfortunately, multiple people have died by slipping or rock crumbling down.


      There are no known ammenities.