Cavtat, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Dalmatia, Croatia


Beach Obod is located in the town of Cavtat in Croatia. This beach is made of concrete, gravel, and pebbles. It is also considered a wild beach due to its secluded location. Visitors can park their cars in the nearby parking area. Overall, Beach Obod offers a rugged and natural setting for those looking to explore the beauty of Croatia's coastline.
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What to do at Obod?


Obod amenities include parking.


Best bars near Obod include beach bar and Drasnice.


Best restaurants near Obod include Pizza Grill , , Blue Sky", Puntin, Restoran Morski Dvor Drasnice and Restoran Plaža.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach provides a great view of sunsets, possible nice swim and very few people, but some complain that it is not really a beach and is just a collection of rocks near an abandoned building. Visitors enjoy the fantastic beach, pristine warm water, shade and sunlight, but complain that someone tried to build a hotel on the beach which is not yet finished and looks disgusting. One review simply gives a thumbs up and says "top."

Where is Obod?

Latitude: 43.2212 / Longitude: 17.1087

Obod is located in Cavtat. The following map of Obod shows the exact location.

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