San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

Playa de Ondarreta - Ondarreta

The Playa de Ondarreta is an expansive beach situated in San Sebastian, Spain, known for the sandy floor that makes it ideal for family outings. The beach is also accessible to individuals with special needs. Adored by affluent locals, the Ondarreta beach is a lively spot for sunbathing on loungers, playing beach volleyball or building sandcastles. Notably, the beach provides free WIFI signal, making it convenient for visitors to stay connected. Additionally, there are numerous bars and restaurants offering diverse dishes and drinks. Adequate restroom and shower facilities are provided on the beach for visitors' convenience, and a parking area is available.
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What to do at Playa de Ondarreta - Ondarreta?


Playa de Ondarreta - Ondarreta amenities include parking, toilet, Wi-Fi, shower and loungers.


Best bars near Playa de Ondarreta - Ondarreta include Dabadaba Beach, El Perlón, Molly Malone Bar, Bar Luis, Bar Campus and BENTA BERRI BAR.


Best restaurants near Playa de Ondarreta - Ondarreta include El Bistro Ondarreta, Oliyos, Tandoori Mashala Indian Restaurant, orburu, Caffè Bar Malandrino, Rekondo and Restaurante Kanpus.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach has a beautiful natural landscape and great facilities. Visitors appreciate the good views, beach bars, and the ability to rent chairs or sun loungers. However, some visitors mention that the beach can get crowded.

Where is Playa de Ondarreta - Ondarreta?

Latitude: 43.3157088 / Longitude: -2.00189445

Playa de Ondarreta - Ondarreta is located in San Sebastian. The following map of Playa de Ondarreta - Ondarreta shows the exact location.

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Where to Stay near Playa de Ondarreta - Ondarreta?

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