Paje Beach is situated on the eastern coast of Tanzania's Zanzibar Island. The beach boasts of its fine, white sand and strong tides both on the shore and on the seabed. The gradual deepening of the water makes Paje a family-friendly destination, especially for those with small children. The local inhabitants cultivate various marine life such as sea cabbage, shellfish, octopus, and crabs due to the ocean going as far as 2-3 km on the shallows daily. Paje is a popular spot for kite surfing enthusiasts from all over the world, with kite schools and rental equipment readily available. The best time to visit Paje is from July to March, while the rainy season falls on April, May, and November. February is considered the Tanzanian summer, with high temperatures and constant sea gusts in Zanzibar.
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Best bars near Paje include Mahali Beachbar, Vinney's Restaurant and beach Bar, B4 Beach Club, Summer Beach Bar, Hi Beach Club Zanzibar, Zoros lounge Paje, Bamboo Bar, Juice Bar and Mr.Coconut.


Best restaurants near Paje include Jahazi, Serengeti Restaurant, Lecker Lecker Restaurant, Kijiji Restaurant, HI Restaurant, Mem Turkish Cuisine & Oriental Restaurant, Wok & Poke Zanzibar, Bounty Restaurant and Deli & Take Aways.

Where is Paje?

Latitude: -6.2680431 / Longitude: 39.5365016

Paje is located in Tanzania. The following map of Paje shows the exact location.

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