Bali, Indonesia

Permuteran Beach

Permuteran beach is a small and hidden gem in Bali, Indonesia. This stretch of soft white sand overlooking the blue ocean is the perfect place for a summer getaway. The deep sea is covered with award-winning coral reefs which you can explore while snorkelling. There are many activities to do in the beautiful nature surrounding the beach such as nature excursions, trekking at the West Bali National Park and exploring the sacred temples. Here you can try some of the most delicious and authentic seafood dishes and fresh fruits. The beach can be easily accessed by car.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is great for snorkeling and swimming with clean water and some cafes and sunbeds. Visitors enjoy the quiet and tranquil atmosphere, restored corals, and great views. However, visitors complain about plastic waste on the beach, polluted water from nearby pipelines, and foggy snorkeling conditions.

Where is Permuteran Beach?

Latitude: -8.1440918 / Longitude: 114.6574647

Permuteran Beach is located in Bali. The following map of Permuteran Beach shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Permuteran Beach?

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