Red Frog Beach

Red Frog beach can be an ideal vacation choice for those seeking a secluded location away from urban centers while enjoying picturesque beachfront views. Despite its name, Red Frog beach is, in fact, a sizeable tourist facility. It encompasses a variety of resorts and bungalows, most of which offer breathtaking ocean views. While the resort provides a refreshing escape from daily routines, its construction remains a sensitive issue of debate, as it involved the use of land previously inhabited by the native population of the region.
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What to do at Red Frog Beach?


Best bars near Red Frog Beach include La Rosa Beach Club, The Jungle Bar and Restaurant, Jungle Lounge, Nachyo Momma's Taco Bar and Selina Red Frog Beach Bar.


Best restaurants near Red Frog Beach include The Jungle Bar and Restaurant, Nachyo Momma's Taco Bar, Palmar Beach Restaurant, La Rosa Beach Club and Bahia Roja-Isla Bastimentos.

Where is Red Frog Beach?

Latitude: 9.3395 / Longitude: -82.1795

Red Frog Beach is located in Panama. The following map of Red Frog Beach shows the exact location.

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