Zadar County, Dalmatia, Croatia

Sand Beaches in Vrsi

Sand beaches are coastal landforms characterized by an accumulation of sand, typically beside a body of water. Vrsi, a town in Zadar County, Croatia, is home to several such beaches including Ričina Beach, Ninska Laguna Beach, Sabunike Beach, Bilotinjak Beach, and Ždrijac Beach. A comprehensive guide detailing the unique features and amenities of each beach can be found below.
3km from Vrsi center

Ričina Beach is a charming sandy beach situated in Vrsi, a town in Zadar County, Croatia. It is tucked away in...

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4.6km from Vrsi center

Ninska Laguna Beach is a popular beach situated in the historic town of Nin, Croatia. The beach is renowned fo...

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5.3km from Vrsi center

Sabunike Beach, located near Nin in Croatia, is a sandy beach recognized for its family-friendly environment. ...

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7.1km from Vrsi center

Bilotinjak Beach, also known as Plaža Bilotinjak, is a natural sandy beach nestled in the town of Zaton, Croat...

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4.2km from Vrsi center

The Ždrijac Beach is situated in the city of Nin in Croatia and is considered to be one of the most stunning b...

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4.8km from Vrsi center

Nestled in the beautiful town of Nin in Zadar County, Croatia lies one of the country's most famous sandy beac...

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9.1km from Vrsi center

Beach Privlaka is situated in the quiet tourist town of Privlaka, which is located 18 km from Zadar and 5.5 km...

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14.4km from Vrsi center

Borik Beach, situated a short distance from Zadar in Zadar County, Croatia, boasts a blue flag that confirms i...

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17.3km from Vrsi center

Duboka Draga is situated near Lozice on the island of Vir, Croatia. Its shoreline is comprised of sand, gravel...

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6.6km from Vrsi center

The beach located within Zaton Holiday Resort boasts exceptional beauty and is widely regarded as one of the m...

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6.8km from Vrsi center

The Vlašići beach, located in the southern region of the island of Pag in Croatia, can be accessed within fift...

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7.1km from Vrsi center

Sandy Beach Privlaka is a picturesque beach located in the town of Privlaka, near Zadar, in the Zadar tourist ...

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