Tamarin, Mauritius


Tamarin Beach, situated along Tamarin Bay, approximately 11 km from Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius, is a scenic public beach boasting stunning views of the Indian Ocean and the neighboring peaks. The beach welcomes pets, as evident from the paw marks in the sand, and is an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts due to its strong currents. Additionally, the beach is surrounded by a coral reef that begins at Tamarin Bay. Conveniently, parking options can be found in close proximity to the beach.
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What to do at Tamarin?


Tamarin amenities include parking.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is a great spot for catching sunsets and surfing, but swimming is not recommended due to strong waves and tree branches in the water. Visitors also enjoy the long beach walks and relaxing atmosphere of the beach, but some have safety concerns due to the dangerous narrow channel where people have died in the past. Parking availability can also be limited during peak times.

Where is Tamarin?

Latitude: -20.32808312 / Longitude: 57.37519205

Tamarin is located in Tamarin. The following map of Tamarin shows the exact location.

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