Aegean Region, Turkey

Yaziköy Plaj

Yaziköy Plaj is a serene beach campsite situated on the Datça Peninsula, in the Muğla Province of Turkey. It is located approximately 30 kilometers from the city center of Datça and about 1 kilometer from the nearby village of Yazıköy. The campsite, nestled amidst lush green forests, offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The beach at Yaziköy Plaj is characterized by a mix of sand and small pebbles, and the sea, while clean, can sometimes be wavy due to windy weather conditions. Despite this, the beach maintains its natural charm, presenting stunning sea views that contribute to its peaceful atmosphere. Visitors to Yaziköy Plaj can enjoy a variety of activities in this serene natural setting. Apart from swimming, diving, and fishing in the sea, the surroundings also offer opportunities for trekking and hiking. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, reading, practicing yoga, or photography amidst the magnificent natural wonders surrounding the beach are also options. The campsite at Yaziköy Plaj allows visitors to set up their tents near their vehicles, providing a unique camping by the sea experience. However, the campsite does not have facilities like toilets, showers, electricity, or water fountains, and there are no restaurants or markets in the immediate vicinity. Therefore, visitors are advised to bring their own supplies and meet their daily needs either on the way or in Yazıköy village. Reaching Yaziköy Plaj is facilitated by an asphalt road, though some parts of the road can be rough, limiting travel speeds. Both private and public transportation options are available to reach the campsite. Despite the relative seclusion of the beach, it is less crowded compared to other beaches in the Datça Peninsula, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful getaway. In summary, Yaziköy Plaj, with its serene environment, natural beauty, and camping facilities, offers a unique holiday experience for those looking to unwind and connect with nature.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the tranquility and beauty of the beach, with its peaceful atmosphere and sparkling sea being particularly appreciated. The mix of sand and gravel on the beach, as well as the stunning seaviews, are also frequently mentioned as highlights. However, some visitors complain about the poor quality of the road leading to the beach and the lack of facilities such as shade, food, and health centers.

Where is Yaziköy Plaj?

Latitude: 36.670402 / Longitude: 27.4209765

Yaziköy Plaj is located in Aegean Region. The following map of Yaziköy Plaj shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Yaziköy Plaj?

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