Bamburi Beach is a sandy beach situated in Mombasa, Kenya. The beach is bordered by hotel complexes and features a natural sandy surface with seaweed and a coral reef, ideal for diving and snorkelling. The beach is a bustling hub, with locals offering water sports activities and souvenirs for purchase. Unfortunately, sun loungers and parasols are not available for rent directly on the beach, but they are accessible to hotel guests. Visitors can enjoy food and drinks at the beach bars and restaurants along the coastline. Bamburi Beach is more crowded on weekends and holidays but less so on weekdays. Other nearby beaches are within walking distance, and there are other attractions such as Heller Park, the Center of National Crafts, and Bamburi Nature Trail to explore. The best time to visit is in February when the air temperature is cooler. The beach is family-friendly, and dogs are permitted. Visitors can park their vehicles in the available parking area near the beach.
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What to do at Bamburi?


Bamburi amenities include parking.


Best bars near Bamburi include Xana's restaurant & lounge, Kirenje Pub, Derrick's Joint & Grill, SPEAKEASY LOUNGE, The Nino's Beer Garden, DOWAMS PUB, Kwa Jeff Bar and Karting Bar Restaurant.


Best restaurants near Bamburi include Derrick's Joint & Grill, Yuls Restaurant, Indiana Beach Grill Restaurant and African Pot Dishes.

Where is Bamburi?

Latitude: -3.9833333 / Longitude: 39.7333333

Bamburi is located in Kenya. The following map of Bamburi shows the exact location.

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