Kikambala Beach is a picturesque stretch of coastline located in northern Kenya, just north of Mombasa. The beach spans 12 kilometers and boasts fine, white sand. Its secluded location ensures a peaceful atmosphere, as it is not easily accessible by road. During low tide, visitors can observe sea creatures, while high tide is perfect for swimming. Aside from its natural beauty, Kikambala Beach offers a range of activities. It features a small bar and hosts beach parties with live music and DJs. The beach is also ideal for diving and snorkeling. The best time to visit is in February when the air temperature is cooler. Kikambala Beach caters to families with children and offers amenities such as toilets, bars, restaurants, and parking. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, Kikambala Beach is a must-visit destination in Kenya.
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What to do at Kikambala?


Kikambala amenities include parking and toilet.


Best bars near Kikambala include Maisha Kesho Bar, Maisha Leo Bar and Mbuyuni Pub.


Best restaurants near Kikambala include Comoros Beach, Hotel mwembetsungu, Alyafii Mini Shop, Vipingo Mishkaki and Vipingo Nyama Centre.

Where is Kikambala?

Latitude: -3.8166816 / Longitude: 39.8141668

Kikambala is located in Kenya. The following map of Kikambala shows the exact location.

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Where to Stay near Kikambala?

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