Malindi Beach, situated in Kenya, features extensive sandy beaches that stretch from Silversand Beach in the south to the Galana River estuary in the north. The southern part of the beach includes a small settlement, while the northern area comprises a vast dune landscape without any buildings. The sand exhibits black stripes, resembling real gold. However, the water appears dirty, and the waves have a brown hue due to sand, making swimming suboptimal. There are no amenities such as restrooms or showers, and only hotel restaurants offer food. Water sports are not widely available, except for surfing, which is excellent from May to September. Malindi offers various attractions like coral reefs, ocean fishing, tropical forests, and different types of hotels. The ideal time to visit is in February when the heat subsides a little. Dogs are welcome on the beach, and parking is available nearby.
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Malindi amenities include parking.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that visitors enjoy the scenic views and historical landmarks, such as the Malindi Pier and Vasco Dagama pillar, as well as swimming in the waves and taking photos. However, some visitors complain about the beach being littered.

Where is Malindi?

Latitude: -3.2147794 / Longitude: 40.1264222

Malindi is located in Kenya. The following map of Malindi shows the exact location.

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