Mah├ębourg, Mauritius

Blue Bay

Blue Bay Beach is a public beach that is conveniently located just 15 minutes away from the Mauritius Airport. It showcases stunning views of crystal-clear waters and the picturesque Ile Des Deux Cocos island. For pet owners, this beach offers a soft and sandy terrain that is also dog-friendly. In addition to its scenic beauty, Blue Bay is renowned for its Marine Park, a popular destination for tourists and avid snorkelers who want to witness the diverse underwater flora and fauna firsthand. Visitors can expect the provision of toilets and the availability of parking; however, it is recommended to arrive early due to the potential for high attendance.
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What to do at Blue Bay?


Blue Bay amenities include parking and toilet.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach itself is excellent and the views are unbeatable, but some reviewers complain about the staff and the quality of service at the hotel. Some visitors found the rooms clean and comfortable with great air conditioning, while others found the rooms dirty and lacking in privacy. The food is considered hit and miss, and there is loud music playing all day, which can be an issue if you're looking for a quiet stay.

Where is Blue Bay?

Latitude: -20.44243515 / Longitude: 57.71486163

Blue Bay is located in Mah├ębourg. The following map of Blue Bay shows the exact location.

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