Tel Aviv, Israel

Bograshov Beach

Bograshov Beach is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel, featuring a pristine soft sand beach that seamlessly extends along the stunningly picturesque Mediterranean coastline. The beach is home to a monument that commemorates the pivotal role played by the Atalena ship in the establishment of Israel in 1948. Visitors to the beach can enjoy a culinary extravaganza served up by some of the finest beachside restaurants, and as the sun sets, can revel in the panoramic views of the azure sea from a famed beach bar.
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Best bars near Bograshov Beach include Guy Sheetrit - Beach Bar, Beach Club TLV, Banana Beach, Blue surf beach, 讞讜祝 诇讛 诪专 转诇-讗讘讬讘 | La Mer Beach Tel Aviv, Denim Drinks First, Potion Bar 讘专 讜讜讬住拽讬 讘转诇 讗讘讬讘, A La Bar and Mike's Place.


Best restaurants near Bograshov Beach include Taste of Colombia, Le Mar Restaurant, 讞讜祝 诇讛 诪专 转诇-讗讘讬讘 | La Mer Beach Tel Aviv, Falafel Gabay, Mashya, 讛讻专诪诇, Shmuel and Carmel.

Where is Bograshov Beach?

Latitude: 32.0777124 / Longitude: 34.766058

Bograshov Beach is located in Tel Aviv. The following map of Bograshov Beach shows the exact location.

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