Tel Aviv, Israel

Hilton Beach

Hilton Beach, situated in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, is a frequented sandy shoreline encompassing three distinct sections. The central area of the beach is an unofficial gay beach, while Hof Haklavim is designated as a dog-friendly location. The southern section is ideal for surfing. The beach was named after the Hilton Hotel located on its northern part, affording a stunning view of the coastline. Hilton Beach is a popular destination for global visitors seeking a tranquil and enjoyable vacation in the warm Israeli sun.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the nice beach in Tel Aviv that is a must-visit. Many appreciate the beach's great restaurant, good food and drinks, and the atmosphere with good music. However, visitors warn of the crowds during peak times and the possibility of theft outside of marked areas.

Where is Hilton Beach?

Latitude: 32.0903273 / Longitude: 34.7694051

Hilton Beach is located in Tel Aviv. The following map of Hilton Beach shows the exact location.

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