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Kiti is located in Cyprus, home to several unique beaches. Mackenzie Beach is known for its sandy terrain and family-friendly atmosphere. Mazotos Beach stands out for its mix of sand and pebbles and strong winds, ideal for surfing. Meneou Beach is a tranquil spot with a pet-friendly policy. Beach for Dogs is a distinctive location where dogs can freely play. Perivolia Beach is a quiet, uncrowded beach known for its beautiful sunset views. A comprehensive list of beaches in Kiti can be found in our guide below.
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7.9km from Kiti center

Mackenzie Beach, located at the outskirts of Laranca, Cyprus, boasts of a pristine sandy terrain and easy acce...

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7.5km from Kiti center

Mazotos Beach is a popular destination known for its natural beauty and serene environment. The beach features...

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3.9km from Kiti center

Meneou Beach is a tranquil spot situated in the Larnaca district, within the village of Meneou in Cyprus. This...

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6.6km from Kiti center

Beach for Dogs is a unique location that offers a sandy, shallow beach where dogs can freely roam and play. Th...

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3.9km from Kiti center

Perivolia Beach is a quiet, uncrowded beach, making it an ideal location for families and individuals seeking ...

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8.4km from Kiti center

Kastella Beach is a sandy beach located next to Makenzy. The beach is known for its deep sea, which extends ap...

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9.9km from Kiti center

Located in the coastal city of Larnaca in Cyprus, Finikoudes beach boasts pristine golden sands and is suitabl...

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21.2km from Kiti center

Cessac Beach is a unique public beach nestled between the territories of the United Kingdom and Cyprus, near t...

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18.8km from Kiti center

CTO Beach is a beautiful beach located approximately 35-40 minutes from Nicosia. The beach is known for its ca...

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24.9km from Kiti center

Zygi Public Beach is a quaint coastal retreat in the village of Zygi, situated on the southern coast of Cyprus...

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16.3km from Kiti center

Oroklini Beach is a popular destination located approximately 35 minutes away from Nicosia, Cyprus. The beach ...

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17.2km from Kiti center

Yanathes Beach is a popular destination for beachgoers, known for its shallow waters and sandy terrain, making...

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The best time to visit Kiti in Cyprus is during the summer months, from June to September. During this time, the weather is warm and sunny, with temperatures ranging from pleasant to hot. The sea temperature is also ideal for swimming, making it perfect for spending time on the beautiful beaches of Kiti. Outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and exploring the picturesque surroundings are best enjoyed during these months. With clear skies and long daylight hours, summer in Kiti offers the perfect conditions for a memorable vacation filled with relaxation and adventure.

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