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Masnou is located in Catalonia, Spain. It is home to several unique beaches. Platja dels Pescadors is known for its historical significance and accessibility. Platja del Coco offers a serene environment and clear waters for observing marine life. Platja de Montgat is a picturesque beach with golden sand and rocky outcrops. Playa de la Barceloneta is a vibrant beach located in a historic neighborhood. Platja del Callao is a scenic beach known for its deep waters and large waves. A complete list of beaches can be found in our guide below.
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Top Beaches in Masnou

6km from Masnou center

Platja dels Pescadors is a well-regarded beach located in the city of Badalona, Spain. Historically, it was a ...

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7.1km from Masnou center

Platja del Coco is a beautiful and serene beach located in Badalona. Known for its cool and calming sea breeze...

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2.4km from Masnou center

Platja de Montgat is a picturesque beach situated in the municipality of Montgat, within the Barcelona provinc...

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15.1km from Masnou center

Barceloneta is a historic neighborhood and beach located in Barcelona, Spain. This lively area is known for it...

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13.7km from Masnou center

Platja del Callao is a scenic beach located in Matar贸, known for its natural beauty and cleanliness. The beach...

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0.6km from Masnou center

Masnou Beach, also known as Playa Masnou, is a semi-urban beach located in the municipality of El Masnou in Ba...

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2.7km from Masnou center

Playa de Montgat Norte is a picturesque beach nestled in the town of Montgat. It is renowned for its approxima...

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5.1km from Masnou center

Platja del Cristall is a beach located in BCN, known for its tranquility and cleanliness. Unlike the more crow...

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19.1km from Masnou center

Sant Vicen莽 de Montalt Beach is a picturesque seaside destination situated in the Maresme region of Spain. Thi...

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0.7km from Masnou center

Platja d'Ocata, also known as El Masnou, is a well-known beach located in the area of Fascurt, to the east of ...

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5.5km from Masnou center

Platja del Pont de la Botifarreta is a beach located close to the city of Barcelona. It is known for its urban...

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6.5km from Masnou center

Platja de l'Estaci贸, situated in Badalona, Barcelona, is a golden sandy beach known for its tranquil atmospher...

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The best time to visit Masnou in Catalonia in Spain is during the summer months of June to August. With warm temperatures and pleasant sea breezes, this is the perfect time to enjoy swimming in the sea and spending time on the beautiful beaches. The water temperature is ideal for a refreshing dip, and the sunny weather allows for outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, sunbathing, and picnicking. Whether you're looking to relax by the shore or engage in water sports, the summer months offer the best conditions for a memorable beach vacation in Masnou. Don't forget your sunscreen and beach towel!

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