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Moneglia is located in Liguria, Italy. It is home to several unique beaches including Spiaggia Riva Trigoso, known for its tranquility and natural beauty, and Spiaggia Rená, recognized for its clear water and pebbly surface. Spiaggia Libera Attrezzata Il Volto is popular for its sandy base and safe swimming, while Sestri Levante Beach offers two distinct sections for visitors to enjoy. Lastly, Monterosso beach is notable for its varied landscape and lively nightlife. A complete list of beaches in Moneglia can be found in our guide below.
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5.7km from Moneglia center

Spiaggia Riva Trigoso is a picturesque beach located in the scenic city of Sestri Levante, situated in Italy. ...

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5km from Moneglia center

Spiaggia Rená is a large, clean beach known for its clear water and pebbly surface. Despite its proximity to a...

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0km from Moneglia center

Spiaggia Libera Attrezzata Il Volto is a popular beach located in the scenic coastal town of Moneglia. It's kn...

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8.6km from Moneglia center

Sestri Levante Beach is a picturesque beach situated in the town of Sestri Levante, a short distance from Port...

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16.7km from Moneglia center

The beach itself is mostly sandy, but there are also parts that are a mixture of pebble and gravel. On either ...

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6km from Moneglia center

Beach Riva Ponente is a picturesque beach located east of Genova. It is known for its unique combination of sa...

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0.2km from Moneglia center

Bagni Jolanda is a beach located in the tourist resort of Moneglia, situated on the Ligurian Riviera in Italy....

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0.2km from Moneglia center

Bagni Letizia is a picturesque lido situated in the city of Moneglia, found within the province of Genova, Ita...

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23.6km from Moneglia center

Niasca Beach is a hidden gem located just a short distance from the popular tourist destination of Portofino. ...

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3.6km from Moneglia center

Deiva Marina Beach is a picturesque location known for its clear, warm waters and pebble-filled shores. The be...

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5.9km from Moneglia center

Spiaggia di Framura is a picturesque pebble beach located in Framura, Italy. It is known for its clean water a...

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5.5km from Moneglia center

Riva di Levante is a picturesque beach located in the municipality of Sestri Levante, and can be reached by fo...

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The best time to visit Moneglia in Liguria in Italy is during the summer months, from June to September. With warm and pleasant weather, this is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and indulge in various outdoor activities. The sea temperature is ideal for swimming, allowing visitors to cool off and relax in the crystal-clear waters. Whether you want to sunbathe on the sandy shores, explore the charming coastal town, or embark on hiking adventures in the surrounding hills, the summer months offer the best conditions for a memorable vacation in Moneglia. Don't forget to pack your swimsuit and sunscreen to make the most of your beach getaway!

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