Costa Rica

Montezuma Beach

For many decades, Montezuma beach has captivated a diverse range of individuals from across the globe due to its serene and tranquil environment. Despite its increased popularity, Montezuma beach has managed to preserve its laid-back and calming ambiance. Visitors can revel in the exquisite local scenery which boasts a plethora of hiking trails, with the most renowned being the path leading to the captivating Montezuma Waterfall. Additionally, the favorable wave conditions at this location make it an attractive spot for surfing enthusiasts.
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What to do at Montezuma Beach?


Best bars near Montezuma Beach include Restaurante Montezuma Latino Beach Food, Chico's Playa Bar Restaurante, Balcon Del Mar, Playa de los Artistas and Ubin.


Best restaurants near Montezuma Beach include Cocolores, Restaurante Montezuma, Sano Banano Restaurant, Soda la naranja and Balcon Del Mar.

Where is Montezuma Beach?

Latitude: 9.6538406 / Longitude: -85.068172

Montezuma Beach is located in Costa Rica. The following map of Montezuma Beach shows the exact location.

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