Costa Rica

Playa Negra

The origin of Playa Negra's name stems from the presence of black sand on certain sections of the beach. Renowned as a noteworthy surf location, as evidenced by its appearance in the surf film Endless Summer II, Costa Rica's waters offer some of the finest surfing opportunities. Although it is favored by surf enthusiasts, the area remains uncluttered, rendering it ideal for novices. Moreover, Playa Negra presents itself as an avenue for other recreational pursuits, such as snorkeling and fishing.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is beautiful and great for surfing with consistent waves. Some visitors warn that the sand can be very hot, and others mention minor issues such as a pothole in the road to get to the beach. Visitors enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere and the local food options but wish there were more shade on the beach.

Where is Playa Negra?

Latitude: 10.1941905 / Longitude: -85.8303059

Playa Negra is located in Costa Rica. The following map of Playa Negra shows the exact location.

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