Aegean, Greece


Mylopotas Beach is a beach located on Ios island in Greece. The beach is popular due to its soft sand, clear water, and surrounding mountains. It has received multiple Blue Flag awards for its cleanliness and safety, making it an attractive option for tourists. Mylopotas Beach offers various zones to cater to different preferences and is suitable for children with activities available. The best time to visit is early morning or during the end of spring/beginning of summer or September-October. A 4-star hotel is located nearby, along with restaurants and bars on the beach. A local nightclub offers foam parties and performances by top DJs for those seeking nightlife. The beach can be easily accessed from the main bus station in Chora, with nearby attractions such as Sharkos ruins and Chora city. Overall, Mylopotas Beach is a recommended destination for anyone traveling to Ios island.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach has clear blue water and is spacious with plenty of sunbeds to rent. Visitors enjoy the variety of restaurants and bars available, but some complain that the prices for renting sunbeds can be expensive.

Where is Mylopotas?

Latitude: 36.71395 / Longitude: 25.2947296

Mylopotas is located in Aegean. The following map of Mylopotas shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Mylopotas?

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