Nudist Beaches in Corfu

Corfu is a Greek island situated west of the mainland of Greece in the Ionian Sea. Regarding beaches on Corfu, the island is home to an astonishing 115 beaches. Among these, you can find a decent amount of nudist beaches such as Paradise beach, Arkoudilas beach and Mirtiotissa beach. The locals know the island by the name Kerkyra. The name originates from Greek mythology and it is believed that Poseidon named the island after his lover, the nymph Korkyra. Mythology aside, you can learn more about the local nudist beaches in the articles below.
Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is located on the west side of Corfu island, only 19 kilometers from Paleokastritsa t...

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Arkoudilas beach is located in the southern part of Corfu Island in Cavos, Greece. This sandy beach ...

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Corfu City

Mirtiotissa beach is a stunning jewel situated on the west coast of Corfu Island in Greece. This san...

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