Dugi Otok, Zadar County, Dalmatia, Croatia


Sakarun beach, situated on the Dugi Otok Island, boasts a magnificent combination of fine white sand and crystal clear waters, surrounded by lush pine trees, earning it the nickname of "Carribean flair in the heart of Europe" as described by many visitors. The beach offers a spacious and shallow bathing area, ideal for families with young children. Two delightful bars are conveniently situated on the beach and accommodation options can be found less than 1 km away from the beach. Being located on the open sea with protection from the long bay, water temperatures are always pleasant. The beach is easily accessible by taking the ferry from Zadar to Dugi Otok (approx. 2 hours), and for those without vehicles, a bus service runs every 4 hours. For those seeking a further adventure, guided boat tours along the coast of Dugi Otok, day trips from Zadar, and popular kayak tours are among the many options.
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What to do at Sakarun?


Sakarun amenities include parking, toilet, loungers and parasol.


Best bars near Sakarun include Amarcord Sakarun, Beach bar "Sol", Beach Sakarun, Daleka Obala and Tango Bar.


Best restaurants near Sakarun include Amarcord Sakarun, Srdelica fast food and Daleka Obala.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the stunning azure water and sand at the beach, with some mentioning the abundance of fish and nearby village. However, some visitors complain about the amount of garbage and trash on the beach and in the access area, as well as the high cost of parking. Some visitors also note that the beach has a lot of seagrass and pebbles.

Where is Sakarun?

Latitude: 44.133705 / Longitude: 14.871498

Sakarun is located in Dugi Otok. The following map of Sakarun shows the exact location.

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