Shanzu Beach is a scenic beach situated in Kenya. It is surrounded by hotels and has a single entrance from the road. The beach is relatively small and is enclosed by rocks, which makes it less crowded and ideal for long walks and windsurfing. Local families frequent the beach in the afternoons, and visitors can enjoy snorkeling and exploring the coral reef. The beach's appearance changes with the tides, and it is accessible by bus or taxi. The best time to visit is in February when the weather is cooler. The beach permits dogs, and there is a parking area available nearby.
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What to do at Shanzu?


Shanzu amenities include parking.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach in Shanzu, Serena area is a peaceful and uncrowded place with a long stretch of clean sand and beautiful sunsets. Visitors enjoy the lack of constant sales pitches and the availability of activities such as boat rides and jet skis. However, some visitors complain about the cost of the activities.

Where is Shanzu?

Latitude: -3.9720105 / Longitude: 39.7529944

Shanzu is located in Kenya. The following map of Shanzu shows the exact location.

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