Aegean, Greece

Vlychada Beach

Vlychada Beach is situated in the southern region of Santorini, Greece. The beach is encompassed by exceptional beige rocks, which have been shaped into intriguing patterns through erosion. Additionally, natural caves and grottos have been created. The beach consists mainly of sandy terrain with small pebbled sections, and remote areas are designated for nudist activities. The optimal periods to visit Greece for relaxation are late spring and early summer, or September through October. Accommodations are available in small hotels located in the village near the southern region of the beach. The beach is tranquil and secluded, with minimal sunbeds and no specific water-based activities. However, taverns and kiosks provide food and drink options. Direct buses from the capital provide accessibility to the beach, and it is recommended to visit during early morning or sunset to witness the impressive display of light and shadows on the rocks.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the unique sand formations and black sand of the beach, as well as the availability of beach bars and rental chairs/umbrellas. However, some visitors complain about the limited amenities such as public toilets and parking space, and the fact that some areas of the beach are designated for nudists.

Where is Vlychada Beach?

Latitude: 36.339968 / Longitude: 25.4310583

Vlychada Beach is located in Aegean. The following map of Vlychada Beach shows the exact location.

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