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Es Cana is located in the Balearic Islands in Spain. It is home to several unique beaches such as Cala Llonga, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and stunning cliffs, and Aigßes Blanques, a remote nudist beach with clean blue waters. Playa de Santa Eulalia is recognized for its environmental standards and tranquil atmosphere, while Sol d'en Serra attracts divers with its clear waters and marine life. Lastly, Playa de s´Estanyol is a serene, pet-friendly beach with an old-world charm. A complete list of beaches can be found in our guide below.
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Top Beaches in Es Cana

7.3km from Es Cana center

Cala Llonga is a stunning beach located on the east coast of Spain's Balearic island of Ibiza. The beach boast...

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6.7km from Es Cana center

AigĂźes Blanques is a remote beach located in the north of Ibiza. It is known for its clean blue water and natu...

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4.2km from Es Cana center

Playa de Santa Eulalia, located in Santa EulĂ ria des Riu, Ibiza, is a popular beach known for its clean, tidy ...

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8.3km from Es Cana center

Sol d'en Serra is a picturesque cove beach situated in the idyllic Ibiza, Spain. This striking shoreline is em...

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11.4km from Es Cana center

Located in Ibiza Town on Balearic Islands in Spain, Playa de s’Estanyol boasts fine golden sand and lush veget...

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3.1km from Es Cana center

Cala Mastella is a peaceful beach located in Santa EulĂ ria des Riu, on the island of Ibiza, Spain. Known for i...

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0.2km from Es Cana center

Playa Es Canar is a sandy beach located in Saint Eulalia. The beach is known for its cleanliness, although it ...

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2.3km from Es Cana center

Playa Niu Blau is a picturesque beach located in Santa EulĂ ria des Riu, on the island of Ibiza, Spain. Known f...

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14.5km from Es Cana center

Cala Benirras, situated in the northern region of Ibiza, Spain, is renowned as the most frequented hippie beac...

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6.1km from Es Cana center

Platja des Figueral is a scenic beach situated in Santa EulĂ ria des Riu, Ibiza. It is nestled on the northern ...

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2.8km from Es Cana center

Babylon Beach is a coastal area in Santa EulĂ ria des Riu, known for its clear waters and mesmerizing sunrise v...

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15km from Es Cana center

Located in Port de Sant Miquel on the island of Ibiza in Spain, Cala des Moltons is a picturesque beach featur...

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The best time to visit Es Cana in Balearic Islands in Spain is during the summer months, from June to September. With warm and sunny weather, this is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and indulge in outdoor activities. The sea temperature is ideal for swimming, making it a great destination for beach lovers. Whether you want to relax on the golden sands, try water sports, or explore the stunning coastline, Es Cana offers a fantastic summer getaway. Don't forget to pack your sunscreen and beach essentials to make the most of your visit to this charming Spanish destination.

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