Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

Agios Nikitas Beaches

Agios Nikitas is located in Lefkada, Greece. It is home to several unique beaches such as Milos, known for its tranquil setting and access by foot or taxi boat, Pefkoulia, admired for its deep waters and breathtaking sunset views, Avali, recognized for its warm waters and pebble composition, Egremni, renowned for its colossal cliffs and surfing waves, and Paralia Porto Katsiki, famous for its blue waters and historical significance. A comprehensive list of beaches in Agios Nikitas can be found in our guide below.
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0.3km from Agios Nikitas center

Beach Milos is a picturesque beach situated on the western coast of Lefkada, Greece. It is surrounded by verda...

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3km from Agios Nikitas center

Pefkoulia Beach is a remarkable coastal area nestled on the western side of the Municipal Unit of Lefkada. It ...

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3.6km from Agios Nikitas center

Avali Beach is a stunning beach located in Lefkada, known for its bright blue waters and pure white pebbles. T...

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17.4km from Agios Nikitas center

Egremni beach is located in the southwestern region of Lefkada, Greece, and is renowned as one of the most pic...

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21.4km from Agios Nikitas center

Paralia Porto Katsiki is a beach located in Lefkada, Greece that is well-known among tourists. Its name is der...

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6.7km from Agios Nikitas center

Kaminia Beach is a slightly wild and beautiful beach that offers a sense of tranquility. The beach is not larg...

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0.3km from Agios Nikitas center

Agios Nikitas beach is situated in the charming fishing village of Agios Nikitas, located on the Greek island ...

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1.6km from Agios Nikitas center

Paralia Kathisma is a lengthy beach situated in Lefkada, Greece. The beach's white sand is a favorite among yo...

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13.8km from Agios Nikitas center

Gialos Beach is located on the western coast of Lefkas. It is known for its spacious and uncrowded nature, mak...

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4.2km from Agios Nikitas center

Tsoukalades Beach is a rocky beach located on an island. It is known for its tranquility and stunning views, m...

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19.3km from Agios Nikitas center

Sivota Lefkadas, a part of the Municipal Unit of Apollonioi, is a scenic locale nestled within the Ionian Isla...

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20.1km from Agios Nikitas center

Afteli Beach is a small, picturesque cove beach known for its crystal clear water and abundance of fish, makin...

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The best time to visit Agios Nikitas in Lefkada in Greece is during the summer months, from June to September. During this time, the weather is warm and sunny, making it perfect for swimming in the sea and spending time on the beach. The water temperature is ideal for swimming and enjoying various water activities. Additionally, the summer months offer longer daylight hours, allowing visitors to make the most of their outdoor activities. Whether you want to relax on the sandy beaches, explore the picturesque village, or indulge in water sports, the summer months provide the best conditions for a memorable vacation in Agios Nikitas.

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